2024 Marketing In’s: What All the Cool Kids Are Talking About

Article Written By: Mara Klein | Graphic By: Allison Bleaman

Okay, okay, so I might be a little late to the 2024 In’s and Out’s trend, but we HAVE to chat about marketing forecasts while the gossip’s still hot! Now, let’s get to it because the world of marketing is evolving faster than the Stanley Cup obsession…

Authenticity is NOT a Bot:

In the age of ChatGPT, Jasper, and Grammarly, authenticity is the second cousin, once removed that we’ve all seemed to have forgotten about. It’s there, and we know that it’s important, but with all these tools, it’s almost easier not to reach for it. People want real, genuine connections and honest product/service recommendations. Hence the reason why that one girl from your high school randomly blew up and went viral from her unpaid unbiased Sephora reviews. We can’t lose sight of our authenticity when it comes to marketing because what type of tribe will that really build for our brand? From print to billboards to affiliate partnerships, stay true to YOUR VOICE AND MISSION.

Micro-Influencers – Tiny But Definitely Trendy:

You know those micro-influencers, the ones with a smaller and maybe even niche following (1K – 100K followers)? Those are your new besties with a digital echo that holds more weight and value than any one-off influencer campaign could ever produce. Micro-influencers are your core group of people you want to build trust and rapport with to become the trusted faces of your brand. On an extreme level, but to prove a point, are you trusting @alix_earle or @kimkardashian? Who’s more raw and relatable? If you can answer that question, you know deep down that long-term support for your business is earned through authentic content and candid creators.

Podcasts – Because Ears Need Love Too:

Podcasts aren’t just for true crime junkies and self-help fanatics; they’re a goldmine for small or even start-up businesses. Share your behind-the-scenes experiences, interview industry tycoons, and get quirky with it. Everyone loves a podcast where the topic gets completely stripped down, allowing for super organic and creative conversations to bloom. The great thing about podcasts is that they are long-form, allowing the user to spend extended periods of time tuning into their message and hopefully creating stronger emotional connections.

PS: If you can film your recording and utilize clips on socials or even your YouTube channel, your engagement will literally skyrocket. The human voice + video experience = a lasting impression for your listeners.

So there you have it, kids – 2024’s marketing trends from your local Scottsdale, Arizona marketing girly. Take it or leave it, but I can assure you these topics will be circulating in the office and even with your friends in 2024. Remember, in the world of marketing, the only constant is change. So what are your 2024 ins and outs?